Hello, Studio, My Old Friend

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Studio, Teacher/Artist | No Comments


The academic rhythm is pretty predictable, and what we’ve just endured is the middle slog—a barrage of papers, presentations, reviews, due dates, due dates, and more due dates…and we’re about to enter the studio denouement, so to speak, where projects begun need to find their finish. Somehow. Some way. We’re all going to be ok. Promise. The work looks good: trust your gut and don’t skimp on time or effort.

Teaching has been very intense up until now, but needs to show restraint in this new phase to allow students that chance to get to the analytic part of making. For me, it’s a good time to mentally go back to the studio…leave the students to their thoughts and not distract them with my chatter. Make my own work that needs my brain to tease out the details. Winter is mostly here, studio time gets pushed to the evening and work is done by the light of the machines and the stray lamp.  Feels good.